Everyone knows that Yoga brings huge benefits to our body. It improves the body’s flexibility, builds muscle strength, perfects your posture, boosts your body’s immunity, and there are many other advantages. Yoga is also known to bring you a peaceful mind and soul. Bali is one of the best places for Yoga practices. As Bali is famous for its religion and spiritual heritage, yoga is one of the activities that you should do here. Here is a list of ‘go-to’ places in Bali where you can experience amazing Yoga retreats with great views and affordable prices!

Soul-soothing Yoga retreats in Five elements

Five elements calls to your soul! Come and refresh your mind doing some Yoga in the fresh air and tropical greenery atmosphere offered by five elements. Pamper yourself with yoga or meditation amidst nature, breathe the fresh air in deeply. Have a yoga class instructed by their dedicated professional who guides you with compassion and love. |Go To Location|


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Impressive Yoga studio in Villa Malaathina


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A lovely place overlooking the rice paddies and with a wonderful garden perfect for yoga. One of the owners of the Villa Malaathina is a ‘genuine Yogi,’ so you will experience a complete yoga experience. Villa Malaathina is a fully equipped yoga studio that offers all level of classes from beginner to advanced. |Go To Location|


A delightful yoga place: Soulshine Yoga Retreat

For those of you staying in Bali for a business trip, this is a great place to unwind and blow off some steam after working many hours. The retreat has a stunning view with a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for a nice Yoga session. This quiet intimate paradise surrounded by beautiful nature is a must ‘go-to’ place for all you yogis out there. Find. Enjoy! |Go To Location|


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An amazing eco-friendly Yoga retreat in Desa Seni

Rustic eco is a feature of the Desa Seni Resort in Canggu. This ‘retreat’ offers a tropical atmosphere built with a ‘love the mother earth’ concept using natural eco-friendly materials which creates a homey and peaceful feeling. Re charge and revive your body and mind with a yoga class nestled in the middle of the rice paddy field. After having a blissful yoga session, enjoy a delicious and healthy meal in the restaurant. With its eco-friendly concept, the restaurants ingredients are organically grown on site. |Go To Location|


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Immerse yourself in a calm Yoga session in Abing terrace

Abing terrace is located in Ubud, Gianyar. and offers you the ultimate yoga experience with an open air studio overlooking the breathtaking scenery of Bali’s tropical jungle. The rice paddies and cliffs add an extra mystical element to your yoga journey. A perfect environment for your first yoga experience! |Go To Location|


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Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Retreat


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A wonderfully peaceful environment welcomes you when you visit Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Retreat. The superb setting for yoga sessions helps you release your negative energy and transform it to positive and peaceful energy. Connect to nature and have a replenishing experience at the Floating Leaf Eco retreat. |Go To Location|


Retreat in Naya Ubud


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A beautiful retreat awaits you in Naya Ubud. Rejuvenate your body and soul in a place nestled between the rice paddies and beautiful tropical garden. If you feel like having a more quiet yoga experience, Naya Ubud offers a private yoga session. We highly recommend you to add this place to your must ‘go-to’ yoga places. |Go To Location|


Boosting View for Yoga in Azadi


Photo Courtesy of Azadi Retreat

The view at the Azadi will enhance your mood for Yoga,located in a heavenly venue, surrounded by rice fields and overlooking Mount Agung. Feel the gentle breeze touching your skin, soak up the quiet atmosphere far from all the buzzing businesses, and breathe in the fresh air from the green surroundings. The place offers an open air studio with an earthy feel: wood pillar and floor with lush green view. |Go To Location|


A holistic yoga experience in Como Shambala


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Situated in Banjar Begawan, Gianyar, the Como Shambala offers you a luxurious private resort with a breathtaking view of the rain forest. You can hear the sounds of the river flowing and birds chirping. It’s the perfect place for seekers of peace and tranquility. Yoga activity just comes naturally. The surroundings helps you concentrate and connects your mind to the experience. The Como Shambala is a must ‘go-to’ on your Yoga journey! |Go To Location|


Build the strength in Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat and Spa

Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat and Spa is the place to nourish and restore health with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, which came to Bali as part of Vedic culture from India. Pamper yourself amongst an amazingly beautiful rainforest on the river of Bebengani. The Yoga program is designed to help you rejuvenate the whole system, relax your mind and purify your body from toxins. The stunning view of the rainforests, quiet and calm atmosphere, and soothing ambiance will help you experience deep peace. This is one of the genuine five star luxury Ayurvedic experiences in Bali . Don’t miss the chance to experience Yoga here while you visit Bali! |Go To Location|