Having a cup of coffee and a little chat with friends is refreshing. Or even just taking a little time out for yourself. There is no need for luxurious or wondrous places to release the enervation of busy days. All you need is a cup of coffee in a cozy place.

Here are some suggestions for the best ‘go-to’ coffee experiences in town.

Butter Cake and coffee shop

When you are walking around Canggu, find this little coffee spot. It’s bright, cute, simple, yet unique. It is written “Butter Cake & Coffee Shop.” Enter the shop, you will be pleased with its design. Some wall decorations are hanged purposely as part of the unique design, added with detailed coloring. The decoration is completed with adorable wallpaper that resemble the theme of the café.


Photo courtesy of @wewentweshare

The place is very clean and tidy. Not to forget, the staffs are wonderful. The atmosphere is good for having quality time of your own or with your friends and family.

The coffee has good quality. This can be explained by the fresh and finest products picked locally. All the coffee is perfectly serve accompanied by its popular cinnamon roll.

The Bungalow

Experience the bohemian ambiance while enjoying a nice cup of coffee. The Bungalow has a Bohemian, rustic, and indie living theme. You can see and feel it from the time you see the front door!

You can expect a good and aromatic coffee , the cappuccino is popular, so make sure to give it a taste.

The Bungalow is also a nice place for brunch. Waking up late and spending your late breakfast here is pleasurable. Why? Because they serve healthy food, fresh bagels and many other choices.

In addition, fresh smoothies and juices are available. The Bungalow suits everyone. There is ‘kids friendly’ food that will make sure that your kids are happy. You can also find an assortment of cakes to feast your eyes on. The cheesecake is a must try option, or choose from a selection of muffins, tarts, biscuits, and pastries.

All in all, the Bungalow is a complete café experience with an added feature of a shop with some great home accessories, decorations, jewels and many other ‘objets d interest’! things.
Enjoy your coffee and shopping time!

Hungry bird

If you enjoy a quality cup of coffee, this little café is a great choice. Local Indonesian beans are their main source and their baristas are talented experts. The popular coffee here is the blend ‘Cortado’—the character of its flavor is strong with a sweet aftertaste aroma.


Photo courtesy of Hungry Bird Coffee

The setting is homey. You will feel at home with its comfortable layout and design. You can add a perfect coffee experience with extras such as the fresh sweet granola or the popular chicken sandwich.

Besides its coffee, the café also provides fresh healthy juices. Hungry Bird is perfect to spend your time with your friends or as an option for your workspace.

Crate Café

This is one of the most popular spots to have a brunch in Canggu. Menu of the day is displayed on the wall behind the counter showing the wide choice of delicious and healthy foods. Lots of locals as well as expats and tourists have become regular customers. Expect fresh produce from the local farms.


Photo courtesy of @artjaunts

You can find the perfect coffee to suit your taste. The baristas know what they’re doing in blending the right ingredients. The cappuccino is the most popular with a flavor that is brilliant and mild.

Based on its’ name “The Crate,” the design is similar to a crate. The furniture, design and all the other details fit beautifully with the concept. The Crate is always busy and full, but nevertheless it’s a fun and cozy coffee place to be.

Ruko Café
Not far from Berawa beach, this is a good option for an early coffee before you start your day.
The coffees are all freshly blended from a local organic source. The balance of bittersweet and strong beautiful aroma making are very tempting.

Ruko Cafe is also popular for its combination of pancakes and brewed coffee, Alternatively, there are plenty of healthy and quality brunch dishes.

The main theme of the design is minimalist with a casual feeling. The focus of the interior is placed on the art .