Bali is blessed with many natural wonders. The Island is often primarily associated with beaches. However, there is so much more to discover. Try to explore the high grounds of Bali as the Island has several volcanic mountains (some are active), mostly located in the north.

To the Balinese, mountains are mystical and significant to Bali’s Hindu religion. They are revered as they generate rich soil, create landforms and give life to the Island.

There are major temples located in the mountain areas that attract many visitors, some come for religious purposes, but others come for the challenge and the breath taking views from the top–overlooking the whole Island. Below is a list of the Top5 Mountains in Bali with amazing views that you must go to and see for yourself!

Pura Mount lempuyang

Mount Lempuyang is located in the north east of Bali. The Mount of lempuyang is home to one of the oldest and most highly regarded temples in Bali, The Lempuyang Luhur temple. It sits at 1,175 meters above sea level. The temple is the main attraction in the area and for those of you who love trekking and experiencing culture, this is one must-‘go-to’ place in Bali.


As it is a temple, a staircase up the mountain has been built. You’ll have to climb over 1,700 steep steps until you reach the main temple. The Lempuyang is also home to the long grey tailed macaques, so expect them to greet you! The hard work of walking up is worth it!! You’ll feel that you’re in the sky, above the clouds, overlooking the mountains and the coastline of Bali.

The temple is highly revered due to the existence of the sacred water, and the Balinese is required visit the temple at least in 10 years. So…you should visit the temple at least once too!

Gunung Agung

The highest and holiest active volcanic mountain in Bali. There are two primary trekking routes. The most popular leaves from Pura Pasar Agung and leads to the crater, 2,866 meters above sea level. If you like it more challenging, go the less popular route (due to its difficulty) starting from Pura Besakih and leading to the summit (3,013 meters).


It is important to be aware that the journey is tough and challenging, but it’s worth it! You will be at the highest place in Bali, overlooking the Island with a 360 degrees view!

Tips: Be sure to be fit on the day of the trek. Mount Agung has steeper and harder routes than the popular Mount Batur. This trek is for the serious climbers. Have decent footwear and clothing, as well as taking food and water.


Mount Batur

Mount Batur is located in Batur village, in the district of Kintamani, Bali. The Mountain is around 1717 meters above sea level and the peak can be reached by approximately 2 hours trekking. If you are looking for some adventure and a really rewarding experience, then pack your bags and start your journey to tackle Mount Batur!


Mount Batur is a popular destination in Bali amongst tourists for a good reason: the spectacular view. This active volcano is one of the best spot to watch sunrise from in all of Bali. The trek is guaranteed to be one of the highlights of your Bali trip. Walk up the beautiful mountain, watch the sunrise, breath in fresh air, listen to the sound of nature…sounds nice? Absolutely!

Descend refreshed and invigorated.
Tips: Prepare for the hike–Be in good condition and bring enough water.


Mount Batukaru
The mount of Batukaru is the second highest mountain in Bali. Different from Batur and Agung, Batukaru is surrounded by dense tropical forests. Therefore, the journey to the top is a different experience. As it is a tropical forest, you may encounter wild animals such as the civets or luwak, known for the famous ‘Kopi Luwak.” The trek takes about five hours, so if you are not a big fan of long trekking this is not for you. However, you will regret not coming as the view is spectacular! On a clear day, the peak offers a view of Mount Agung, Bedugul lakes, and even Java!

Batukaru is not as popular as Batur or Agung, so one good thing is that you will likely experience the trekking and the view with not so many people!

Tips: be fit, ready for a long walk and gear up.


Mount Abang

Mount Abang is the third highest mountain in Bali at about 2, 150 meters. It is located at Bangli, on the east of Lake Batur. It is known to the locals as the ‘virgin mountain,’ due to its untouched nature. Mount Abang was a part of the 4, 000 meters Batur volcano, but it was split by a massive eruption that created a smaller set of mountains.

To reach the peak takes around 2. 5 hours passing through green tropical forests and past a few small Balinese temples. Once you reach the final destination, the view is magnificent. Expect to see cloud formations hovering above the lakes, the volcanic cone of Mount Batur and Agung, and on the other side Bali’s beautiful coastline.