Some of us travel to find perfect serenity; a secluded resort neatly concealed from the outside world by a wall of dense vegetation; an expansive body of bright blue water, flanked by a long and lonely beach, with not a soul in sight.



If you travel with your significant other, you probably know this scene all too well. And while the peace and privacy that Bali’s luxury resorts serve on a silver platter is utterly delicious, there are some of us who crave colour, chaos and complete immersion Balinese culture. That is after a drawn out morning in the spa, of course.

There’s no better way to immerse oneself in Balinese tradition and connect with its beautiful people than through unique and vibrant festivals, when the streets light up with smiles and Bali’s true spirit and traditions come alive.

It might take some coordination to organize your holiday to coincide with these dates, but if culture is what you seek, culture is what you’ll get at these annual festivals in Bali.

Jazz Market By The Sea 2015

Jazz Market by the Sea is an annual community based event. The themes are music, trade and natural heritage. They want to collaborate with likeminded people and bring communities together who share the same passion. The main purpose is to create awareness about preserving Indonesia’s natural heritage.

The market is inspired by traditional Balinese market, called “pasar seni”. Visitors will get an insight in real Balinese culture. It’s about great music combined with cultural activities and a market feel environment. One of the main reasons of this event is to promote upcoming Indonesian artists. Besides that they want to engage, enrich and educate the visitors and to serve the community. This event is all about creative collaborations and improvisations of traditional Indonesian and jazz music.

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Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2015

The name says it all. This annual event is held in Ubud, the most artistic and cultural spot in Bali. It’s a major annual project of the Yayasan Mudra Swari Saraswati, a non-for-profit foundation.

The purpose is to create a world class festival that celebrates stories and amplifies brave voices. Global issues and big ideas will be a part of the conversations.

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Bali Spirit Festival 2016

Don’t miss out the world’s most inspiring events in Bali! This year, it’s all takes place on March 29 – April 3.
One world, one stage, night concert line up.
The Bali Spirit Festival has become a magnet for fans, students and followers of every yoga, movement, healing and music calling. Weeks before the Festival, Ubud begins to fill with a colorful, international tribe of conscious travelers, gathering in anticipation of one of the world’s most inspiring events.

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