Ever wonder where the surfers hangout and chill or party? Below are some of the best places surfers ‘go-to’ for a chill out after their surf session

Komune Beach Club – Keramas


Photo courtesy of Komune Beach Club

The Beach Club is located right at the beach of the world-renowned surf break of Keramas. This is perhaps the only place in Bali where you can do night surfing. That’s right, surfing at night! The beach offers different kind of food, beverages and a cozy place to hang out after a nice surf session at one of the best breaks in the world. It is the site for local competitions. In addition, there is an excellent accommodation if you plan to spend the night to go surf in the morning or to enjoy the live entertainment that is offer here! Check out their website for some more info and other activities that they offer. | Go To Location |


Old Man’s – Canggu


Photo courtesy of: Old Man’s

Located in Batu Bolong beach at Canggu. 3 miles north of Kuta, Canggu, Old Man’s offers a consistent long wave to surf with both right and left handers. Canggu itself is booming and attracting people from different walks of life. Old Man’s, the restaurant/bar, is the hub of what’s happening in town. The place is right by the beach. After a nice surf session, hangout at Old Mans and enjoy the atmosphere with fellow surfers. Enjoy old mans for the parties they have during weekdays and weekends. | Go To Location |


Single Fin – Uluwatu


Photo courtesy of: Single Fin

Enjoy the good view of one of the most iconic surfing spot in the globe. Uluwatu offers high class waves breaking off the cliffs and attracts surfers from all round the world. Single fin offers you one of the best views of the waves. So enjoy your time here surfing catching world class waves or just watching world class surfers surf them! Open daily 10am- 10pm. | Go To Location |


On the Juice – Padma Beach


Photo courtesy of On the Juice Padma

Padma is the home break of the ‘Padma boys,’ a close knit of the best local surfers in Bali. Life on the Juice is located on the street right in front of the beach breaks of Padma. This must ‘go-to’ place offers smoothie, juices and sunset drinks. They open from 8 am to 10pm. Best to visit during sunset time for live music and free barbeque they hold every Fridays! | Go To Location |


The Balcony restaurant – Kuta


Photo Courtesy of: Balcony Restaurant

Situated near the famous Half Way spot in Kuta beach, the Balcony restaurant is the perfect place to hangout. After all, the restaurant is owned by a well known Indonesian pro surfer himself. Many of the big names in surfing such as Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Bruce and Andy Irons have hung out here. The Balcony offers both local and international food, surfing atmosphere, and who knows maybe you will meet one of your favorite surfers in the restaurant! Open daily 7AM- 12AM. | Go To Location |