Hot springs are believed to have excellent healing powers for the body. The minerals in the water combined with the temperature are beneficial for our body’s wellness relaxing the muscles, calming the mind and the body. It also helps the body to get rid of toxins, reduce tension, increase circulation and nourish the skin. Who doesn’t like hot springs? When you visit Bali, here are five indulgent hot springs to ‘go–to’ with natural views that will soothe your body and blow your mind.

Toya Bungkah Hot Springs


Photo courtesy of @dionisiusnelson

Pamper yourself in the hot mineral water of Toya Bungkah, in Kintamani. The Natural thermal mineral water will rejuvenate and relax your body while the beautiful scenery surrounding you will refresh your mind. Don’t worry about the hygiene issue. The management changes the water every day. Toya Bungkah is also known as Batur Natural springs due to the location close to the lake of Batur. The price includes welcome drink (Toya Bungkah provides you fresh juice), towel, soap and shampoo. Look out over Batur Lake in the front of the pool while you enjoy the hot springs. The atmosphere is peaceful and so relaxing. Bring your friends and loved ones to share the bliss of the hot spring together!


Tabanan Hot Springs


Plan an exciting getaway to Tabanan Hot Springs, nestled in a hidden forest , surrounded by hills and rivers, overlooking the scenic view of rice paddy fields. The concept of Tabanan hot springs is to appreciate the wonder of nature. You will feel like you are entering a mystical, yet strangely stunning world in Tabanan Hot Springs. A flow of mineral hot water to the swimming pool is a constant source of delight. Pamper yourself with two options: natural hot springs swimming pool or the classic cold pools. Make sure that you use both pools to get maximum satisfaction. Tabanan Hot Springs is nice to enjoy alone or in a group as it has large and spacious pools.

Banjar Hot Springs

Banjar Hot Springs is located near the famous Lovina beach in Singaraja Regency. Specifically, it is located in Banjar district, approximately 24 kilometers from Singaraja town. These hot springs are known as an ancient heritage from the Japanese conquerors dating back hundreds years ago. It is believed they were built by the Japanese government as hot springs in the traditional cultural style from Japan. The building is quite unique, as it situated near a temple, with northern features like the carvings of dragons on some of the pools surface. This is one of the main attractions in north of Bali, so make sure you put it on your ‘go-to’ list. Enjoy the ancient atmosphere of Japan traditional hot springs in Banjar Hot Springs, Tabanan. Don’t forget to bring your camera and take home some beautiful memories back with you!

Belulang Hot Springs

Belulang is a small village located in the midst of Bali’s rice terraces. You will see the color green as far as you can see. This green tropical paradise is situated in Tabanan regency. Here there are many springs with origins from the nearby mountains, one is the Hot Springs of Belulang, considered to have the highest temperature in Bali. In Belulang Hot Springs, you will find a small pool and a number of bathing areas where you can stand and soak up the view while bathing your body. The Belulang Hot Springs are believed to be able to cure some diseases; surprisingly it is more than about muscles. Yes, the local people believed that stroke, for example, can be cured by having a hot springs therapy in Belulang Hot Springs. This place is beautiful and very affordable.

Angseri Hot springs

Angseri Hot springs is a beautiful place located on the hillside of Batukaru mount, 700 meters above the sea level. What makes this place special is the surrounding shady bamboo forest, and some of Bali’s best rice paddy views on the way. If you want to go from Ngurah Rai airport, you can reach here in about 2 hours by motorbike or car. The Angseri Hot springs offers you an open air hot springs for adults and one playful hot springs for kids. There are six private huts with bamboo forest views and a maximum six person capacity. Highly recommended for family outings and to make you feel even better offers an affordable experience of bathing in the hot mineral spring water.